For everyone at Horton, our mission is clear—to provide emergency vehicles that get the job done safely and reliably each and every time. We don’t focus on quality for the badges or certifications, and we don’t continue to innovate just to say we did it first. Nor do we customize simply because we can, and our unrelenting attention to safety isn’t just a selling point.

We build the industry’s most innovative ambulances for the heroes risking their lives to save others. For the crews up all hours of the night making sure you, our employees, their families and perfect strangers can rest easy. And, that starts with the four pillars of Horton manufacturing—each one designed to deliver the highest-quality, most tailor-made emergency vehicles the market has to offer.


“Wouldn’t it be great if…” is how it starts. We make it happen.

Saving lives doesn’t have a template, and no two responses are exactly the same. That’s why we bring you choice when it comes to your ambulance builds with fully-customized interiors, custom graphics and one-of-a-kind lighting configurations.

From start to finish, our engineers and design team will work with you to build the ambulance that suits your individual needs. Horton customers can expect flexibility during the construction process and the freedom to choose standard layouts or off-the-wall designs if that’s what the job calls for. Modify an entire wall of cabinets and compartments? No problem. We won’t stop until you have confidence in every detail of your new ambulance, going above and beyond to handle special requests with a level of customization other manufacturers simply won’t build to.

Standard box? You got it. A made-to-order interior? It’s yours. A specialized build, design and equipment to tackle unique calls? All in a day’s work at Horton. Whether it’s a Type I, Type III or Critical Care Transport, no two trucks are built alike.


It’s not about being first; it’s about saving lives.

Consider the modest door handle. It opens. It closes. However, in an emergency, adrenaline is flowing and you’re only concentrating on one thing: your patient. You’re not thinking about how hard or frequently you’re opening and closing the doors. But we are. The cable we use inside all Horton units meets specified design needs to keep doors operating the way they should. Our door handles also come with optional LED lights for easy visibility in the dark. It’s details and innovative thinking like this that make Horton the brand you want in the field with you.

When it comes to Horton ambulances, innovation doesn’t compromise quality. Each of our industry-defining features improves the ease of use, the safety of the experience and the well-being of your patients, and delivers you full confidence in your Type I, Type III or CCT unit.

Only at Horton can you find the Cool-Tech A/C condenser, custom perimeter and directional safety lighting, 360-degree views around the ambulance to help our drivers and the exclusive Horton Occupant Protection System (HOPS).



We don’t skip the details, because neither do you.

We measure the quality of an ambulance by more than just longevity. We measure it by the look, feel, fit and finish crews can expect from only a Horton. That’s why every weld in a Horton unit is made, by hand, by AWS certified welders, and why our boxes are built with .125 aluminum. Then there’s our Vi-Tech mounting system that means a notably smoother, quieter and more stable ride for all passengers.

When you choose an ambulance for your crew, you expect quality construction, a safe experience and a high level of assurance in the vehicle. So, that’s what we deliver. Then we go further. We make sure every piece of equipment functions as it’s intended and is ready to work for you when you need it. Plus, our unique production system utilizes quality gates to ensure nothing is overlooked, and that defects are caught, corrected and don’t happen again.

No stone is unturned to deliver confidence at every stage of the build. It’s details like these, and numerous others, that add up to a Horton ambulance being in service for decades. It’s part of our culture, and we’re proud to deliver it to our customers.


It’s not just about getting you to the scene. It’s about getting you home again.

When it comes to emergency response, safety is the name of the game. To ensure you get to and from scenes safely and confidently, we take safety to the next level outfitting our ambulances for passenger compartment protection with the exclusive Horton Occupant Protection System (HOPS®) featuring MBrace™. MBrace™ is a patent-pending, advanced safety system that integrates an airbag into the best-in-class four-point retractable harness. Standard on all new Horton ambulances for side-facing positions, It is the first system to deploy in frontal impact collisions and rollovers. HOPS featuring MBrace also incorporates the RollTek® airbag system and Per4max® seatbelts for the attendant seat with progressive foam at head strike points. It gives first responders the freedom to do their jobs with an easy in, easy out, one-click buckle.

From our occupant protection system to our superior construction that’s able to withstand a 90,000-lb. load test, and thanks to 50 years of dynamic crash testing, we’re able to deliver crews with a high level of safety while they’re on the road. Designed to protect from top to bottom, the moment crews buckle in, they know they’re riding in a Horton.

But don’t just take our word for it, as third-party testing and certifications will back up our commitment to safety. And even then, we don’t stop there. We’ll continue to test our trucks to levels unheard of in the ambulance industry. Some call it Hortonizing. We call it doing our job.