Innovation is 50% want, 50% need. When there’s a feature crews need, there’s a good chance it’s already on a Horton. When there’s a feature crews want, our passion for customization means all they have to do is ask.

Utilizing feedback from responders and our dealers, and from 50 years of comprehensive crash testing, we develop some of the industry’s most innovative features, safety systems and interior designs to deliver crews with everything they need. The result is a Horton, the name crews trust for an effective emergency response.

Here are some of the innovations that are included in the Horton Experience.


Featuring the largest condenser in the industry, the powerful Cool-Tech system is available in three models. Cool-Tech intuitively monitors pressure inside the system and turns on only the number of fans needed to efficiently cool, alternating fans each time so they are used as evenly as possible. With a recessed pocket on top of the module, crews can enjoy additional body space for lighting, reduced noise and better protection from debris.

Directional Safety Lighting

The unique Horton Directional Safety Lighting features a row of signal lights at the top of the ambulance that can be set to flash or illuminate from the center out, left to right or right to left. Operated from Horton’s i4G™ system with one-touch activation and auto turn-off when the vehicle is taken out of park, Directional Safety Lighting eliminates a step when arriving or leaving a scene.

Custom Backlit Panels

Every Horton ambulance is ready to showcase your department with Custom Backlit Panels on the rear riser and side entry door step well that can illuminate a department name, crest or other messaging.

i4G+™ System

The proprietary i4G+ system is central command on every Horton ambulance, connecting to critical systems such as lighting, HVAC, the H02rton™ system and Horton 360™, as well as vehicle diagnostics for components like Cool-Tech® and the chassis. The highly customizable system delivers flexibility and control features, with a programmable LCD touchscreen, to help save valuable space on the front console.


Delivers crews with 360° views for video-based safety on the road and at the scene, providing an aerial view of the ambulance’s surroundings, ensuring both crew and bystander safety. Horton 360 is accessible right from the driver’s seat through the i4G™ system, where crews can also customize inputs for additional ambulance video feeds.

Custom Graphics

An ambulance is a point of pride for emergency departments and crews. Horton provides nearly unlimited options to customize the appearance of your ambulance, with graphics ranging from individual paint schemes to full wraps and everything in between.

Custom Rub Rail Lighting

Add a distinctive flair to your Horton ambulance. Programmable rub rail lights can increase visibility and distinction. They can be manually operated through the i4G™ system or programmed to automatically operate in the overall scheme of the emergency lights.