Innovation is 50% want, 50% need. When there’s a feature crews need, there’s a good chance it’s already on a Horton. When there’s a feature crews want, our passion for customization means all they have to do is ask.

Utilizing feedback from responders, our dealers, and from 50 years of comprehensive crash testing, we develop some of the industry’s most innovative features, safety systems, and interior designs to deliver crews with everything they need. The result is a Horton, the name crews trust for an effective emergency response.

Here are some of the innovations that are included in the Horton Experience.


Saving lives in an ambulance requires a safe and smooth ride. That’s why our Vi-Tech mounting system replaces the industry’s standard box-to-chassis mounting practice with a comprehensive solution that isolates road vibration and noise. Using several layers of aluminum and a neoprene elastomer dampener, the Vi-Tech mounting system is mounted outside of the main frame, which allows crews to better communicate and tend to patients by delivering less distraction and background interference that is typically beyond their control.


Inside every Horton ambulance, crews will find the Horton Occupant Protection System (HOPS), a combination of advanced airbag protection, head strike dissipation, and occupant restraint devices. Developed after years of research in an effort to elevate occupant protection for crews and patients during rollover crashes, HOPS is a comprehensive, fully-tested safety system crews won’t find anywhere else. HOPS utilizes two types of airbag deployment, multi-density head protection, and a four-point seatbelt system to lessen the severity of rollover crashes.



An ambulance’s electrical system should be out of sight, out of mind. That’s why our i4G electrical system allows crews to fully manage operations from one central location and execute commands without lag time. Developed for additional plug-ins and customization where crews need it, the i4G ambulance control system comes with an LCD touch screen for programming, plus eight “mission-critical” tactile buttons that give crews control over essential functions.


Comprised of four “smart fans,” an optional solar panel, and performance monitors, Cool-Tech cools the box down completely in less than nine minutes – more than half the industry average. Plus, by moving the condenser from the front of the box to a recessed pocket on top of the module, crews can enjoy additional body space for lighting, reduced noise, and better protection from debris and other outside elements.



Delivers crews with 360° views to give them best-in-class, video-based safety on the road and at the scene. Providing an aerial view of the ambulance’s surroundings that’s accessible right from the driver’s seat, Horton 360 helps ensure both crew and bystander safety. All part of a compact, sleek design, Horton 360 uses secure housing to protect four LED lights with clear lenses. Plus, leveraging the i4G system, crews can also customize three extra inputs for additional ambulance video feeds, patient area cameras, and more.