With safety, there’s no such thing as excess. With Horton, there’s strength and safety in every detail.​

Your job is saving lives…and so is ours. When you’re racing to the scene, we’ve prepared for it, with solid construction and safety features that far exceed essential. At Horton, we go beyond, employing application-specific ​and stress-tolerant materials, advanced engineering, more robust construction and the testing to prove it out.​

Your job may be wildly unpredictable, but a Horton ambulance is the ultimate ​in reliable security. While you’re on the front lines, we’ve got your back.


We rigorously test strength, safety and integrity, employing third-party testing to be sure it’s right. In fact, we exceed industry standards and requirements so that you can rest assured when you’re on a run.


Durability is something we don’t take lightly. So we’ve engineered and constructed a heavy-duty ambulance body that delivers the ultimate in strength.

Where others choose less, we do more. Robust reinforcements—like a minimum of 31 fully-boxed gussets per unit—in the corners, walls and ceilings mean components stay connected and occupants are protected. We use more stress-tolerant aluminum for improved crack resistance with heavier gauge, wider extrusions for additional strength. There’s a reason why Horton bodies regularly outlast as many as three chassis. Our strength is matched only by yours.


When lives hang in the balance, our exclusive Horton Occupant Protection System™ (HOPS™) holds them in place.

We’ve engineered protection from every direction, with airbags in the module and progressive foam at head-strike points that absorbs energy upon impact. Four-point seat belts, with four automatic retractors at both shoulders and hips, further secure first responders while offering the mobility needed to provide treatment. It all comes together with an easy-release, one-click buckle design that means we’re where you need us, but never in your way.


Every sense is necessary when providing patient care.

Which is why Horton adds extra protection from outside noise, creating a quiet space where crews can perform at their best. Our proprietary sound-deadening material is layered, not just between frames, but over and inside them as well. We add extra insulation by backing and lining our cabinets with felt and spray foam—eliminating squeaking and creaking. What you can’t see behind the walls minimizes the distractions you don’t want to hear.


You stabilize patients; we’ll stabilize the ride.

Exclusive Horton-engineered Vi-Tech body mounts employ neoprene inserts tested to 35Gs, and connect our ambulance body outside the chassis frame rails for less vibration, better handling and more strength for smoother, quieter runs. Testing has proven our mounting system provides superior strength, ensuring body-to-frame integrity in an accident. As always, Horton strength is your safety.


You can breathe easy knowing that our oxygen system is designed and tested to function virtually without failure, utilizing backup upon backup.

As opposed to using T-connections, we employ a brass manifold to connect individual lines in the system and a uniquely robust regulator to meet the rigorous Horton standards of reliability. Of course, we’ve included a manual override in case of power failure. And we test every system at least two times the required pressure duration before installation. ​We know it’s vital. So we’re certain it’s right.