Innovative design you didn’t know you needed—and can’t live without.​

Your crews aren’t the type to shy away from a challenge, and neither are we at Horton. While you’re doing, we’re always thinking. And when you’re talking, we’re listening. Energized by a challenge, our team is tasked with thinking beyond. Our passion for continual improvement and distinctive styling drives a creativity and ingenuity inspired by feedback from the front lines. We bring cutting-edge advancement and design to your ambulance that furthers the safety and comfort of your people and those they serve.


There’s no “can’t” in Horton’s vocabulary.

If you need it or want it, as long as ​it’s safe, we can do it. Every ambulance design begins with a clean slate, and it’s developed with your first-hand experience and our deep expertise. Reconfigurable cabinets? Move the electrical module inside the wall? Install street-side entry doors? You’re the expert on your department’s needs, and we’re the experts at getting it done. At Horton, you’re always in the driver’s seat.


We’re lifelong learners, just like you.

At Horton, we foster a culture of discovery, and our engineers and designers are in constant pursuit of the next breakthrough—it’s in our DNA. We simply believe there’s always a better way. When you build an ambulance with Horton, you’re not just choosing the latest and greatest—you’re investing in your future. At Horton, we’re driven to do more than most think possible. ​


It’s how you know it’s a Horton with just one glance.

Unique colors, materials and textures, a remarkable fit and finish…it’s distinctly Horton in every detail. Flip through the most extensive décor book in the industry, and we’ll help you create the sleek look that reflects the quality and esprit de corps of your department. Lean on our experts to walk you through a design experience that will harmonize the aesthetics and ergonomics with your individualized needs. Or let your imagination be your guide—from flooring to cabinets to upholstery, we help you realize your unique vision. ​

Safety, functionality and style aren’t mutually exclusive, so you can make your Horton look as good as it performs.